Relax Zone

The relax zone is the place where your stay at Dream Hotel *** will become a real and complete holiday. In the well-maintained and heated indoor pool you will be able to relax and relieve the everyday-life stress. Our Finnish sauna will create a unique feeling of rebooting your whole organism. A stay in it, which is not recommended for more than 10-15 minutes, will favorably improve the tone, blood circulation and enhance the immune system.

In the relax zone of Dream Hotel *** you can enjoy a classic Russian tradition – the Russian bath. The tradition has dated back for a few centuries, but even today it is popular and the benefits of it are indisputable. The hot steam makes the skin soft and smooth, helps to eliminate toxins and helps for various ailments. Moreover, the classic Russian bath is also a place to have a chat and talk with friends!

In Dream Relax Zone there are also massage rooms, which offer a variety of beauty and body treatments for the hotel guests. The sound and picture are transformed here into an experience full of delight – the time stops here, the emotions are released and stress is relieved.

Visit Dream Hotel *** Relax Zone and we will make sure you will enjoy it!